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Some starting suggestions

  • Congratulations on making your wedding official!
  • Start by thinking about what you want this day to mean. A good way to start is to keep a folder for all of your ideas, brochures, bridal magazine articles and food magazine articles to get inspiration.
  • Work out your budget.
  • Pick a date, then start looking at venues, photographers, celebrants, caterers, and bands, because these can book out months in advance, sometimes years in advance.


These ceremonies are in a different category in terms of planning and time due urgency. I would be hugely honoured to work with you to deliver your family members story with compassion. A  funeral is not only to celebrate a life but also to bring comfort, peace and understanding to those left behind. I take immense pride in ensuring that I hear the wishes of the deceased, and bereaved families to deliver a memorable ceremony reflecting their life story. 

Life Celebration

Pet Funerals

Pet Funerals

When a beloved pet passes away, many people find themselves with a huge gap in their lives.  For so many people, the grief of losing a pet is equal to losing a close family member. For this reason, it is invaluable to allow yourself time to grieve, and part of this process can be a pet funeral to acknowledge their death and speak about the impact they had on your life. I will work closely with you to create a personalised pet ceremony funeral that will reflect your pet, its personality and what they meant to you. This ceremony typically takes place at your home where the pet lived or another location if you would like to scatter the ashes. The ceremony generally includes the sharing of stories, memories and anecdotes about the pet. It can involve music, poems, readings, singing and dancing.  Often the pet belonged to a child and this ceremony can be a significant step towards healing a closure for the child. The child often likes to draw a picture or write a story and put it into the grave with the pet, or bury this with the ashes (or is a keepsake if the ashes are being scattered). If the pet is already buried, this ceremony can still provide some much needed comfort and closure.

If you are considering a Pet Funeral ceremony please contact me and we can discuss your special requirements.

Name Giving Ceremony

The Name Giving Ceremony is a happy occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope, peace and love. It is an event where the birth is celebrated and a new baby is welcomed into the family This is typically a non-religious ceremony. It is usually performed in the home where the baby lives, but can be held anywhere appropriate for a ceremony. Some people opt to have it in a park, on the beach, or in a garden like a butterfly garden. There tends to be a flow to the ceremony, involving these steps: the introduction, an acknowledgement of grandparents/great grandparents, an acknowledgement of Godparent/s, the Naming, a cultural ritual if required, conclusion/declaration, the signing of the certificate/s and the presentation of the child.

If you are considering a Name Giving Ceremony for your child, please dont hesitate to contact me to discuss your special requirements.

Name Giving Cermony


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